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Java API

The RadioButtonGroup class is used to group related radio buttons together, which helps establish the mutual exclusivity among the options within that group. Users can select only one radio button within a given radio group. When a user selects a radio button within a group, any previously selected radio button in the same group automatically becomes deselected. This ensures that only one option can be chosen at a time.

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The RadioButtonGroup component will not render an HTML element on the page. Rather, it is only logic that ensures a group of RadioButtons behave as a group instead of individually.


The RadioButtonGroup is best used in scenarios where users need to make a single selection from a predefined set of options presented as radio buttons. Here are some examples of when to use the RadioButtonGroup:

  1. Survey or Questionnaires: RadioButtonGroup components are commonly used in surveys or questionnaires where users need to select a single response from a list of options.

  2. Preference Settings: Applications that involve preference or settings panels often use RadioButtonGroup component to allow users to choose a single option from a set of mutually exclusive choices.

  3. Filtering or Sorting: A RadioButton can be used in applications that require users to select a single filter or sorting option, such as sorting a list of items by different criteria.


The RadioButtonGroup class has four constructors:

  1. RadioButtonGroup(): Creates an empty RadioButtonGroup in the unchecked state.
  2. RadioButtonGroup(String name): Creates a RadioButtonGroup with an name.
  3. RadioButtonGroup(RadioButton... buttons): Creates a RadioButtonGroup with one or more RadioButton objects assigned to the group.
  4. RadioButtonGroup(String name, RadioButton... buttons) Creates a RadioButtonGroup with both a name and one or more RadioButton objects assigned to the group.

A RadioButton component stores the group to which it belongs, which can be accessed via the getButtonGroup() method.

Adding and Removing RadioButtons

It is possible to add and remove singular or multiple RadioButton objects to a group, ensuring that they exhibit mutually-exclusive checking behavior, and are associated with any name that may belong to the group.


The name attribute in a RadioButtonGroup groups related RadioButtons together, allowing users to make a single choice from the options provided and enforcing exclusivity among the RadioButtons. The name of a group is not reflected in the DOM, however, and is a convenience utility for the Java developer.

Best Practices

To ensure an optimal user experience when using the RadioButton component, consider the following best practices:

  1. Clearly Label Options: Provide clear and concise labels for each RadioButton option to accurately describe the choice. Labels should be easy to understand and distinguish from one another.

  2. Provide Default Selection: If applicable, consider providing a default selection for Radio buttons to guide users when they first encounter the options. The default selection should align with the most common or preferred choice.