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Java API

The ColorField class is a Field component, and as such shares all of the commonalities belonging to a Field. Please refer to the Field documentation page for an overview of Field properties, events, and other important information.

The ColorField component is a powerful and versatile tool designed to provide an intuitive and interactive way to explore and select colors within your application. Whether you're designing a user interface, creating visualizations, or enhancing user experience, the ColorField component offers a seamless and efficient approach to working with colors.

With a simple drag-and-hover interface, users can effortlessly navigate through the color space to find the exact hue, saturation, and brightness that matches their creative vision. Users can also input color values directly, ensuring precision.

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The ColorField is best used in scenarios where color selection is a crucial part of the user interface or application functionality. This section outlines the best practices and scenarios for using the color field component effectively.

  1. Graphic Design and Image Editing Tools: Color fields are essential in applications that involve:
  • Graphic design elements or functionality
  • Image editing and customization
  • Tasks that require selecting or modifying colors
  1. Theme Customization: If your application allows users to customize themes, using a color field enables them to choose colors for different UI elements, such as backgrounds, text, buttons, etc.

  2. Data Visualization: Color fields are valuable in applications that involve data visualization, as they allow users to select colors for charts, graphs, heatmaps, and other visual representations.

  3. Form Inputs: When designing forms that require color inputs, using a color field simplifies the color selection process for users.


The ColorField class has four constructors:

  1. ColorField(String label, Color color): Creates a ColorField with a given label and color.
  2. ColorField(String label): Creates a ColorField with a given label but with no pre-populated color.
  3. ColorField(Color color): Creates a ColorField with a given color, but without a label.
  4. ColorField(): Creates a ColorField without any provided information.

Color Code Format

Currently, the ColorField supports #RRGGBB hexadecimal format. Only simple colors (without alpha channel) are allowed in the picker interface. Additionally, the ColorField comes along with a various methods that interact with the java.awt.Color class to add flexibility.


The component's presentation may vary substantially from one browser and/or platform to another. It might be a simple textual field that automatically validates to ensure that the color information is entered in the proper format, a platform-standard color picker, or some kind of custom color picker window.

Static Utilities

The ColorField class also provides the following static utility methods:

  • Color fromHex(String hex): Convert a color string in hex format to a Color object which can then be utilized with this class, or elsewhere.

  • String toHex(Color color): Convert the given value to the corresponding hex representation.

  • boolean isValidHexColor(String hex): Check if the given value is a valid 7 character hex color.

Best Practices

To ensure an optimal user experience when using the ColorField component, consider the following best practices:

Consider Contextual Assistance: Provide contextual assistance, such as tooltips or inline help, to guide users in understanding the purpose and usage of the color field component.